From a distress cruiser to a sailing yacht

From a distress cruiser to a sailing yacht the 'Totem' was originally built in Bremen as distress cruiser ('Seenotkreuzer') and has been stationed in Heligoland.  The name of the ship was 'Hermann Appelt'. It was a prototype and as such various port cities on the european coast were done to acquire orders. Among other countries, France has purchased some of these ships.  Later, the 'Hermann Appelt' is used as a tug boat and supply vessel for oil rigs. As from 1974 the ship was waiting in the port of Rotterdam for demolition. In three years time the ship was converted into the yacht 'Totem'.

The launch of the Totem near Rotterdam

Placing the masts in Breskens

Placing the masts in Breskens Two years later, the two masts were in the harbor of Breskens, after which the 'Totem' finally became a full yacht. On the many trips of the 'Totem',  the Azores were visited during several occasions . It is common there  to leave a picture of the ship on the quay walls. The shown picture postcard is an example to illustrate this .