Specifications of the Totem

Equipment of the Totem:

Radar, Decca navigation computer, VHF, Shortwave communications transceiver installation, Epirb emergency transmitter, two eight-person liferafts in containers, tender with 9 hp outboard, etc.

Ship name: Totem 
Type: Staysail Schooner  
Owner: Evert Toxopeus  
Length overall: 25 meters  
Beam: 5.50 meters  
Draft: 2.80 meters  
Sail area upwind: 275 m² 
Under spinnaker 450 m² 
Engines: 2 x 165 hp diesels DAF 


The system consists of: An owner's cabin, a navigation area, a galley and guest houses. There are eight berths available for the guests, 2 toilets, shower with tub, washer and dryer, central heating throughout the ship. Cooked is electric (for security reasons), this is a 17 kva generator 220 / 380V on board. There may be sufficient supplies are included, because they have fridges and freezer rooms.

2014: an innovative windmill
Liam F1 wind generator

2014: a new windmill placed to save fossil fuel In 2014 a brand new innovation, Liam F1, based on wind energy  was placed on the Totem. A mixture of a screw and propeller forms the remarkable shape (in Dutch called 'wokkel'). On a special construction made by Evert Toxopeus (owner) the device is placed, just behind the hull of theyacht.

Owner Evert explains: 
"When I attended the presentation of the wind generator at Archimedes, I became exited. It seems to be a good way to save on fossil fuel that we use for the aggregates.  I estimated to save 20 liters of diesel on a daily use of 25 liters, needed to charge the batteries, used for sailing and cooking. The windmill could be placed on the Davids (a solid construction based on steel poles, just outside the hull of the ship) and did not make any noise. It would be the first one on a ship. It took some modifications but I am really expecting a lot from it." More information about this new 'Archimedes windmill' here (Dutch).

The company behind this innovation strives to develop two nautical windmills. To finance further development a crowd-funding campaign was launched in May 2014.