Totem Tour 2014 is sponsored by Koppert Biological Systems

Henri Oosthoek, managing director of Koppert Biological Systems, tells about the Totem Tour 2014:

In 2013 we organised a growers' meeting at Koppert in the Netherlands. Here we gave the kickoff for a stronger alliance between two municipalities: Lansingerland and Águilas. Lansingerland in the Netherlands, where our head office is located and Águilas in Spain where we have a large nursery of beneficials for the largest horticultural area of Europe. Two municipalities that both are strongly rooted in horticulture. Two municipalities with a high level of involvement from Koppert. We deliver our solutions to the horticulture sector around us and we have a strong bond with the local community. Many of our employees work and live in these regions.

In 2013 the mayors of both municipalities signed a letter of intent and there were various speakers from the horticulture chain to talk about sustainability. Making agri- and horticulture more sustainable is a chance and a mission for Koppert. A dedication that we embrace worldwide.

The Totem is a symbol of connecting horticultural areas, of communities. The route from the Netherlands to Spain is taken with a yacht. Making use of nature, wind and water. And where needed, new technology is used to make it as sustainable as possible. For that, pioneering work is needed, perseverance and expertise. That's what we see in the Totem. That's what we see in the innovation on board: a new type of wind mill, that generates a substantial saving on fossil fuel that is used at sea.

The Totem is the first ship in the world with this kind of wind generator. The ship has a remarkable history and underwent a metamorphosis: from a distress cruiser to a yacht. In the development and dedication of this change we recognize ourselves. We are constantly looking for renewal, new roads and courses, where we make use of nature as much as possible. With the arrival of the Totem in Águilas, we want to strenghten the connection between the two horticultural municipalities. Municipalities that both contribute to a further sustainable horticulture. We are delighted to do this with the presence of the mayor, customers, colleagues, friends, family and other relations. Relations are the foundation to make connections. I invite you to join us!

About Koppert Biological Systems

Our job: a total approach to crop health
For nearly a half-century now, Koppert has been developing sustainable plant health solutions for sectors like greenhouse growing,
outdoor horticulture, fruit growing and arable farming. With the help of natural enemies, microorganisms and
biostimulants, we make sure your crop is healthy, resistant and vital, both above ground and in the root environment. We are also a supplier of bumblebees for natural pollination of crops. With this total approach, we offer growers a robust alternative to chemical crop protection, so they can produce safe food using competitive practices.

Innovation, knowledge, support
Innovation is one of our core values, which is why international research is one of our key activities alongside production and distribution. And we are always happy to transfer our knowledge to the customers of our products – worldwide – with support
and advice. We are now active in over 80 countries, and we work closely with partners around the world, including universities and research institutes. We have our own offices or production facilities in over 20 countries.

Our vision and approach: taking the worries out of growing
Koppert is international market leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. Koppert is synonymous with reliability, innovation and quality. Our added value is clean and safe cultivation for a healthy future. Satisfied users are our biggest
concern. Koppert’s reliable systems, based on top quality products, help relieve growers of many of their biggest concerns and risk factors.

Natural progression with Koppert
natural enemies – microorganisms – protected growth – bumblebees for natural pollination – international research – support and advice

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